Acknowledgment of the works of Dr J. William Littler MD, Surgeon

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Dr. Littler is the link and inspiration to many great surgeons.
Dr. Littler loved of Leonardo’s drawings and their mutual observations of the mathematical ratio "Phi" aka "Golden Ratio" as seen in nature.

Published: March 4, 2005 NY Times
J. William Littler, a surgeon who developed many techniques for restoring function and sensation to the fingers and wrist, died on Sunday in Providence, R.I. He was 89 and lived in Manhattan. By JENNIFER BAYOT

His death followed a head injury suffered in a fall, his family said.

Dr. Littler's early devotion to hand surgery contributed to its emergence as a separate discipline. During World War II, as a young surgeon in the Army, he operated on maimed soldiers at Cushing General Hospital, near Boston, and later at Valley Forge Army Hospital in Pennsylvania. Though he had yet to complete his residency training, he began shaping and refining surgical techniques still in use today.

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