Advertising Terms and Policies

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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our research through your advertisements. By advertising with us you are helping to maintain this web site.

Who manages the advertising?: NetDevk maintains this website and manages the advertising request, evaluations and postings.

We have the right to refuse advertisement postings: NetDevk reserves the right to refuse any advertising requests for any reason. NetDevk will not accept or post any Adult Industry advertisements.

Does my subscription automatically renew?: Yes. Your subscription automatically renews using your initial subscription rate

Can I get a refund or cancel a advertising subscription:

You can cancel a subscription or a renewal of a subscription within (15) business days from the time of payment. No refund can be claimed after (15) business days of an intial subscription or renewal. No partial refunds are given. We will cancel your subscription if your advertisement was not approved.

Is my credit card payment process secured and my privacy protected?: Your credit card payment process is handled through PayPal. Read Paypal User Agreement and Privacy Policy. NetDevk does not store your personal or financial information. All payment transactions are handled through PayPal, a secure payment method provider.

When does my advertising banner posting time start?: Upon approval of your advertising banner, your time will start counting down from the time after your actual advertisement posting. Advertising approval can take 4 to 5 business days.

Can you create and advertising banner for me?: If you already have a logo in an electronic form, with a .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png file extension, it will usually take about 1 to 2 hours to create a simple advertisement banner that will link to your web site. NetDevk can create an advertising banner for you for an added fee of $175/hr. Please call 951-767-3078 x4 or email us

Where does my advertising banner get posted?: NetDevk reserves the right to post your banner anywhere on our websites that we create. Generally, banner location is based on web site layout design and available space based on that design. has three major areas that can accept advertising: The main website; The Blog; The Publications area. Each of these areas consist of multiple pages that can vary in number. On a given page the layout areas that will accept advertising banners are usually the right hand side or the footer area. Design layout can change at anytime without prior notice to advertisers or web visitors at large.

Do you monitor and track clicks or referrals?: NetDevk does not monitor and track referrals for advertisers. It is the responsiblity of the advertiser and/or advertiser's webmaster to monitor and track their own clicks, referrals and roi (return on investment).

I'm having problems making an advertising request?: Please call 951-767-3078 x4 or email

subscripton fees...

$525 to post your ad for (3) months on our site.

$750 to post your ad for (6) months on our site.

$1200 to post your ad for (12) months on our site.

Your subscription automatically renews unless you cancel your subscription by clicking here.

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